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Pyritized Ammonite and Simbircite pendant set with .925 Sterling Silver w/ sterling silver chain

Pyritized Ammonite and Simbircite pendant set with .925 Sterling Silver w/ sterling silver chain

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This is a beautiful .925 sterling silver pendant featuring a Pyritized Ammonite surrounded by Simbircite which begs the question by some as to what is it really? So I did little research and here is what I found:

A pyritized ammonite is a fossil of an ammonite, an extinct species of marine mollusk, that has been replaced by pyrite, a metallic mineral also known as "fool's gold." This process of fossilization can occur when minerals, such as pyrite, precipitate out of the surrounding sediment and replace the original shell material, preserving the detail of the shell in mineral form.

Simbircite, on the other hand, is a type of siderite, an iron carbonate mineral. It is often found as a pseudomorph, which is a mineral that has taken on the shape of another mineral, such as a fossil. Simbircite is formed when siderite mineral replaces the original shell material of a fossil, preserving its shape, but changing its composition.

Both pyritized ammonites and simbircite ammonites are highly prized by collectors and can be valuable due to their rarity and preservation of detail.

Some people may associate pyritized ammonites with grounding, protection, and abundance due to the presence of pyrite, which is often associated with these properties in crystal healing. It's always important to approach alternative healing practices with caution and to consult with a medical professional before using them to treat any medical conditions.

With that said, simbircite and pyritized ammonites are primarily valued for their rarity and scientific significance as fossils.


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