Bold. Original. Timeless.

Each piece is handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that it will remain a cherished addition to your collection for years to come.

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Can I wear this?

If you have a bit of a bold streak you certainly can!

When an idea for a piece forms in my mind and I sit down at my bench I focus on making a unique, well made and aesthetically pleasing piece that can be appreciated and worn by anyone. If you would like more information about wearing rings check out my blog Confidently wearing rings

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Silver Re-Imagined

Interesting, original, and conversation starter!

I have incorporated sustainable techniques into my work. I use recycled silver whenever possible and re-imagine bench trimmings into beautiful pieces adding character and a unique story to those pieces I create. Read > My Journey to a Greener Operation

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Timeless Style

Beautiful stones never go out of style

Beautiful Stones, simple design, quality smithing equals versatile pieces you can wear at work or play knowing they will last a lifetime and more.

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My Signature

It's so much more than a stamp

My mark is my signature - a pledge that you are getting what I promised. Read my blog about Makers' Marks here.

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  • from Thomas M

    I stopped in here while on my daily walk and ended up buying a custom made opal necklace for my wife for Christmas. It turned out perfect!! This is such a unique shop and during the holidays definitely adds to the "Hallmark Movie" effect of this town we call home!!

  • from Denise R

    The husband and wife team that run this place are very nice and talented. beautiful jewelry...

  • from Bill S

    Beautiful custom jewelry! Priced very reasonable! Very Reasonable!! Love the shop! Something for everyone! Shop Local You’ll Be So Glad You Shopped Here!

  • Sometimes Simple Says it All

    There is nothing more timeless than a simple band. This simple sterling silver band with free hand cut hearts says it all. My wife of 48 years wears this now for wedding band.

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  • Beautiful Stones are... Beautiful

    Beautiful stones are the heart of timeless designs. Chosen for color, meaning or any other reason. One of the most common comments I hear a live st shows is, "it just called to me"

    read the blog about humankind and our relationship with stones 
  • ex metallis pulchritudo - the beauty of metals

    They were born in the fiery furnaces of ancient stars, and then cast forth into the vast expanse of the universe when those stars met their explosive end. A reminder that we are all stardust, bound together by the forces of nature and the grand cycle of creation and destruction.

    An Old Hippie's View of the Cosmos