what we do

We primarily work with sterling or fine silver and copper. Each of our stones is handpicked by us and finely polished to bring out the true beauty of each piece. Quality crafted sure to become an heirloom. go shopping now

Its Festival Season in Ohio check our Events Calendar  and come out to  any of our events and say Hi! All are sure to be a good time!

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Just off of the Bench

timeless style

Sterling silver paired with beautiful semi precious stones are combined with new ideas that are reminiscent of vintage styles with a modern flair.


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Silver Selections

beautiful metals

Copper adornments are ageless and beautiful for women and men of all ages. We use up-cycled salvaged copper where we can which makes unique, environmentally friendly, truly handsome pieces. We salvage a lot of wire from builders and remodelers (with permission course) and we re-use flashing copper when we can get it and use when the gauge is called for. Also, we utilize recycled copper plumbing in many bracelets and cuffs.  go shopping now

Copper Selections