Turritella Agate in Sterling Silver


Uncommon and gorgeous Sterling Silver and Turriltella Agate Pendant on lovely 18″ Sterling Silver Chain


Clean and Classy style make this Turritella Agate set in Sterling Silver a stunning change of pace sure to command comments.

Turritella agate is formed from silicified fossil Elimia tenera shells. E. tenera are spiral freshwater gastropods having elongated, spiral shells composed of many whorls. Similarly, coral, petrified wood and other organic remains or porous rocks can also become agatized. Agatized coral is often referred to as Petoskey stone or agate. ~From Wikipedia

Turritella Agate encourages us conquer pessimism. It softens the sharpness and anger that harms our hearts, enabling us to foster only loving energy. Turritella Agate helps us feel sheltered and secure and helps by dissolving the inward turmoil and pressure that has been holding us, supplanting it with boldness and certainty. Turritella Agate is a grounding stone. Likewise it helps us amid transitional circumstances of our lives. By eradicating nervousness and dread we hold amid times of change it, indeed, ingrains certainty and courage and reminds us we are sheltered and secure.

This pendant was designed by me and made by me in my shop. The Turritella came from a locally owned suppler just down the road from my studio. Please contact me if you have any questions. I take pride in my work and will serve you to the best of my abilities.
If you would like something similar (or not similar) to this let’s talk, I have access to a huge inventory of stones or if you own a stone we can probably work that out also.


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