Sterling Silver and Labradorite ring


Exceptional One Of A Kind Labradorite and Sterling Silver Ring. Contemporary with a Vintage flare. Size 9.5


This is a very unique modern ring with a vintage flare, with copper accents in the very wide and thick band I gotta say i have never seen anything similar so if you want a real one of a kind ring this is it. I really like labradorite. This one happens to be perfect fit on me… mixed metal very heavy ring shank over 2mm thick and 10 mm wide. Sterling Silver and copper makes a great combo. I think maybe I will try it with 14k gold next time. I have another identical sized stone in the drawer that is VERY flashy and beautiful blue. I did some antiquing to this one however, it could go with out making it more contemporary. Size 9.5

The Inuit believe Labradorite was a gift from the icy flame of the Aurora Borealis. The stone was changed into an exceptional, brilliant magical light and afterward again became solid. Labradorite is a gemstone of enchantment. It helps those looking for answers.

This piece was designed by me and made by me in my shop. The stone came from a locally owned suppler just down the road from my studio.   Please contact me if you have any questions. I take pride in my work and will serve you to the best of my abilities.

If you would like something similar (or not similar) to this let’s talk, I have access to a huge inventory of stones or if you own a stone we can probably work that out also.


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