Beautiful Rhodochrosite Earrings


Beautiful Rhodochrosite Galaxy Earrings set in Solid Sterling Silver with solid Sterling silver ear wires.


I just had purchased some Rhodochrosite pairs to make some earrings and OKAY, so i know I am a nerd but i was looking at some Hubble Space Telescope Pictures and saw this two arm spiral galaxy and it was pink…

 Therefore, we now have this lovely set of Galaxies ready to adorn you!
Set in solid .925 Sterling Silver these ovals are truly OOAK don’t wait you or someone you know deserves them. Pink is the color of love, which makes the Rhodochrosite crystal stone a must-have addition to your collection of heart-based healing crystals

This piece was designed by me and made by me in my shop. The stone came from a locally owned suppler just down the road from my studio.   Please contact me if you have any questions. I take pride in my work and will serve you to the best of my abilities.

If you would like something similar (or not similar) to this let’s talk, I have access to a huge inventory of stones or if you own a stone we can probably work that out also.


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